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Fabric is introduced

Common fabric materials are cotton, cotton/spandex blend, cotton/polyester blend , polyester, cloth surface style can be made into pique (single pique and double pique), can also be jersey (single jersey and double jersey), 100% polyester fabric can also be made into mesh cloth and double jersey which have function of dry-fit. The fabric weight of pique is during 160 to 280 grams, but the common gram weight is 160-220 grams, while the weight of jersey is 100-280 grams, and the common weight is 140-240 grams. Compared with pique , jersey is characterized by many interlacing points, firm and firm texture, smooth surface, light weight, good wear resistance and good air permeability. The surface of pique cloth is like a honeycomb, which is more breathable, moisture permeable, dry and washable than ordinary knitted cloth. Generally, crewneck shirts are usually made of jersey, while collar shirts are usually made of pique. Since the commonly fabrics are made of different materials, its characteristics are different. Let's discuss the characteristics of various 


Pure cotton/ 100% cotton . Modern people mostly pursue an environment-friendly and comfortable lifestyle, so many people prefer pure cotton when choosing close-fitting clothes. Cotton is a kind of natural fiber. It is breathable, hygroscopic and skin-friendly. It is soft and comfortable to wear. However, pure cotton also has its disadvantages. It absorbs moisture but does not discharge it. It easily shrinks, fades, turns yellow and hardens. Therefore, pure cotton clothes should be washed and changed frequently. Over time, not only do they feel uncomfortable on the body, but also stains such as sweat stains will become difficult to clean. When washing pure cotton clothes, try to wash them gently by hand. Wash them well and dry them flat and do not expose them to the sun to prevent them from yellowing and hardening. Especially underwear, many people dry underwear under the sun, think it can sterilization, actually can not. After washing, it is easy to cause yellowing and hardening of the clothes. It should be dried before exposure.


LYCRA is one kind of spandex, which includes elastic fiber, Lycra (Laca), Laca, Spandex

Advantages of cloth:

①.Large stretch, good shape retention and no wrinkling;

② Soft and smooth hand feeling, best elasticity, comfortable and considerate fit;

③ acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance;

④It has good color fastness and should not fade.

Weaknesses of cloth:

①Poor moisture absorption;

② Spandex is usually blended with other fabrics instead of being used alone.


Cotton/polyester blend  , it divided into two kinds , one is cotton with a large proportion and another is polyester with a large proportion. They all have the same advantages of cotton and fiber and are both soft, breathable and comfortable. However, the handle with more cotton content should be more comfortable and soft, while the heat and light resistance and stability with more polyester content should be better.


Polyester,  It is a kind of artificial fiber. It has very good shaping property, is not easy to deform, and has a silky lustre feeling. The clothes made are very textured. It has very good acid and alkali resistance and color fastness, and can be washed by hand and machine. Many formal dresses, shirts, are made of polyester fibers, but ordinary ones are completely impermeable to air and even less moisture absorption and drainage, so we seldom use ordinary polyester as clothes, and we generally use high-quality polyester fabrics with moisture absorption and perspiration. As Brand Dryfit, cooldry, coolmax ect.